Main objectives of the SEEMLA project are:

  • Assessing the availability and suitability of MagL as alternative production sites for renewable resources in order to mitigate existing and potentially increasing conflicts between food production and nature conservation.
  • Classifying the identified MagL in order to develop specific land use options for different types of sites.
  • Developing strategies and recommendations for policy and administration to foster the sustainable utilization of MagL for bioenergy at regional and EU level
  • Developing and implementing a set of specific indicators for assessing potentials for biomass production at MagL as well as ecosystem services provided like GHG savings or biodiversity by marginal sites and their valorisation due to land-use systems.
  • Evaluating and testing the effectiveness of SEEMLA approach in four pilot areas, representing South, Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Disseminating project outcomes, transferring knowledge and promoting a process of discussion, attracting relevant stakeholders.