Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet

The Institute of Bioenergy Crops and Sugar Beet (IBC&SB) NAAS is a leading scientific institution of Ukraine for conducting of integrated research on breeding, seed farming, seedling production, industrial growing and processing of bioenergy crops, such as miscanthus, switchgrass, salix, sugar sorghum, beet and others.
Our Institute is the leading organization in the realization of the programme “Bioenergy resources” of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine. In the programme more than 20 scientific-research institutes, located in different soil-climatic zones of Ukraine are involved as associate contractors. In addition, IBC&SB has its own network of research stations and research farms, located in major farming areas.
Basic scientific activities of the Institute are oriented on the creation of new varieties and hybrids of high yield bioenergy crops that can provide persistently high yields of energy valuable biomass. Due to the wide network of research stations at IBC&SB cost-effective growing and processing technologies have been developed which are adapted to different soil and climatic conditions for production of solid, liquid and gaseous biofuels.
We are convinced that bioenergy crops must be grown on marginal lands that are not suitable for growing of food stuffs and forage resources. During the development of elements of technology for growing of bioenergy crops we take into account sustainability criteria, provided in Directive 2009/28/ EU, concerning the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
IBC&SB possesses accredited laboratories for conduction of all required agro-chemical analyses of soil and plants in order to carry out continuous monitoring of indicators of soil fertility during the growing period of perennial bioenergy crops.