The main objective of the H2020 funded EU project SEEMLA (acronym for “Sustainable exploitation of biomass for bioenergy from marginal lands”) is the establishment of suitable innovative land-use strategies for a sustainable production of plant-based energy on marginal lands while improving general ecosystem services. The use of marginal lands (MagL) could contribute to the mitigation of the fast growing competition between traditional food production and production of renewable bio-resources on arable lands. Read more

SEEMLA Newsletter No. 6 – Merry Christmas & Happy 2019
While the end of the Seemla project is approaching, we want to celebrate this very intense year with our last ...
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SEEMLA publication in SOIL: “Assessment and quantification of marginal lands for biomass production in Europe using soil-quality indicators”
SOIL, an international scientific journal of the European Geosciences Union, has published an article about the Seemla assessment and quantification ...
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Seemla final conference: highlights and project’s achievements
SEEMLA & ADVANCEFUEL projects held a shared event the 20th- 21st of November 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. These projects are ...
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SAVE THE DATE: SEEMLA FINAL EVENT and joint ADVANCEFUEL-SEEMLA Workshop, Bruxelles 20th and 21st November 2018
The overarching goal of SEEMLA is the reliable and sustainable exploitation of biomass from Marginal Lands (MagL), which are used ...
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12 November 2018: Join us for the 6th SEEMLA THEMED WEBINAR
SEEMLA GIS tool and policy instruments for renewable energy on marginal lands 13.00 – 15.00 CET This Themed Webinar is ...
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9 November 2018: Join us for the 5th SEEMLA THEMED WEBINAR
How sustainable is bioenergy from lignocellulosic crops cultivated on marginal land (MagL)? An overview of the results of the environmental ...
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