Decentralised Administrator of Macedonia & Thrace

The Decentralised Administration of Macedonia and Thrace (D.A.M.T) is a public organization responsible for the regions of Macedonia and Thrace. DAMT, via the Greek and EU regional programmes, is responsible for programmes, financial tasks and other actions that develop the infrastructure in key point development sectors in each area and support the development of the inland as well as the exploitation and protection of the environment in the area of Macedonia and Thrace.
The General Directorate of Forests and Rural Affairs, through its departments, is active in all the sectors of its jurisdiction that is

  • In the protection and development of the forests and the woodlands of the region
  • Utilisation- exploitation of the forests and the woodland of the region
  • In the rural section, concerning all the fields of under its jurisdiction and more specifically issues that concern Aquaculture and colonization.

This will be achieved through the departments organizational structure, which in accordance with the Greek Presidential Decree (P.D.) 142/2010, comprises of the Directorate of Coordination and Supervision of Forests, 12 Forests Directorates, 26 Forestry Departments, 2 Reforestation Directorates and two Directorates for Rural Affairs.
The extent of the jurisdiction area is 32.968 km2, of which 42 % is covered by forests. The total scientific – technical staff exceeds 1,200.