Tack så mycket – 25th EUBCE 2017!

More than 1,500 participants – each of them experts in bioenergy and bioeconomy – from 70 countries attended the 25th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) in Stockholm, Sweden from 12-15 June 2017. Lena Ek (Sweden) and Henrik Ehrnrooth (Finland), the two Conference general chairs as well as technical chair Nicolae Scarlat (JRC Italy) brought in an excellent opportunity to benefit from the huge experience of the Nordic countries, in particular from Sweden and Finland, in the production and utilization of biomass.
SEEMLA was represented by the coordinator Wibke Baumgarten, Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR, Germany) by both an oral and a visual presentation; moreover FNR had a booth (see photo) at the exhibition area, where SEEMLA was also represented by several media, i.e. leaflets, roll-up besides general information about bioenergy and bioeconomy [in Germany]. The partner projects FORBIO, BioRES, greenGain and MAGIC (starts on 01/07/2017) also contributed to the EUBCE.

Marginal lands move more and more in the centre of attention since land degradation is increasing and the food vs. biofuel debate becomes more relevant, since a healthy diet for the population as well as the energy supply needs to be guaranteed in future or rather in the upcoming 30 years. Therefore exploiting marginal lands for biomass production for bioenergy becomes even more important.

SEEMLA is ready to contribute to this challenge – and is looking forward to the next EUBCE in Denmark in 2018!